View Full Version : New Wiki Posting Controls - Login Required

2008-06-23, 13:40
In order to have a better (and, hopefully, spam-free) Wiki, we're changing the wiki to require you to be logged in before making changes. We're also changing the account creation to require a confirmation via email before it is enabled.

If you already have an account on the wiki, you'll need to confirm your account before you can edit the wiki.


2008-06-26, 03:06
I've tried to get a confirmation message to enable editing but although wiki says code has been sent - I have received no e-mail with confirmation codes. I have also tried after changing e-mail address.

2008-06-26, 09:05
The Wiki actually physically moved last night... that may have b0rked something temporarily.

I'll ask Matt Wise to take a look.


2008-06-27, 10:57
Any news ? no confirmation e-mail and still not able to edit.

2008-07-01, 11:53
Is this still a problem?


2008-07-01, 12:54
It looks like I can edit wiki now after I changed e-mail address again, a confirmation mail was sent.

2008-10-15, 06:59
I'm very confused each time when I'm looking for plugins through the plugin wiki.

The implemented structure with long table is not comfortable for many people to edit (especially for me).

Is it possible to define a mediawiki template that contains following elements:
Name, Version, Author with e-Mail, Weblink to Plugin source,
Software Applicability: SC Version,
Hardware Applicability: SB family members
Maturity: alpha/beta/stable/dead/integrated in ...
Category: Audio, Visualization, ...

Thanks to the template it would be very helpful to create/update plugin entries and the plugin user could find the right plugin in short time.