View Full Version : Permissions Issue causing slimserver crash?

Peter Pouliot
2004-03-10, 09:37
Hi All,
Slimserver keeps crashing on me. It will play fine for a while, then just
dies. I turned on some logging let it run and this is what I got.

2004-03-10 11:24:08.4399 virtualToAbsolute:
/mp3/_playlists/SqueezboxLive.m3u is already absolute.
can't create /usr/local/slimserver/.slimserver.db: Permission denied at
(eval 17) line 9
2004-03-10 11:24:08.7399 Got to the END.
2004-03-10 11:24:08.7420 Got sigint.
2004-03-10 11:24:08.7440 SlimServer cleaning up.

Any ideas?

More info:

So I'm running on fedora core 1. Not really much else going on, my music
library is about 90gb.

Thx for the help,