View Full Version : Sleep problem started in 5.1 still in 5.1.1

2004-03-10, 07:19
These are all MP3 files.

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Subject: [slim] Sleep problem started in 5.1 still in 5.1.1

Quoting Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net>:

> When the 30 minutes elapses and the unit starts to go into "sleep mode" it
> starts to blink the display and the audio starts to stutter (versus the
> normal fadeout that I am used to from earlier builds). what is worse is
> after the unit goes completely "to sleep" it fires back up on the next
> in the playlist at full volume, typically waking me up.

Are these non-mp3 by any chance? I'm mostly mp3 in my library, running in
and sleep function works just fine for me.

> Any ideas or debugging info I can provide to help get this fixed? I first
> started getting this in 5.1 and figured it would be fixed in 5.1.1 but
> not, so now I am reporting the problem.

If no one reports it, it might not get fixed :) Perhaps try d_command and
d_source to try to see any volume change commands, and hopefully stop mode
its done, or why its not happening for you.