View Full Version : Using the SB3 as a bridge for the Netflix player

2008-06-22, 07:11
Got my Roku Netflix player yesterday and set it up using the SB3 as a wireless bridge. To get the best wireless reception, I have the SB3 placed as high as possible in my TV room, and this configuration allows me to bury the Netflix player down lower in my rack and still get good reception.

Believe me, this is a sweet audio/video combination. I'm truly amazed by the video quality the Netflix player delivers. To get good video streaming, I'd fully expected to need a signal booster, powerline adapters, or something similar. But no, even with only about 55% signal strength on my SB3, the video is flawless. No skips, jumps, freezes, or any other problems, and it looks as good as any of the normal television I get from DirecTV.

Granted that the instant streaming selection from Netflix is somewhat limited now, "only" 10,000+ titles, but with a product this well thought out and executed, I expect that selection to be growing rapidly.

2008-06-22, 11:51
The bandwidth needs of the netflix player are limited by the speed of your internet access, and by the stream needs of the netflix video. According to some quick googling, the minimum is 1mbps, and the max is 3mbps. I've measured 11g to be able to handle 15mbps without too much trouble.

I used to use a SB3 as a wireless bridge for my media PC. That was a linux box with most filesystems NFS mounted, and would simply play videos over NFS. This worked extremely well.