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2008-06-21, 21:01
I usually get all the tech support I need from these forums, and I think I've had to call SD/Logi tech support about once in the 2.5 years I've owned SBs. But the other day my pre-production beta SB Controller was giving me an "invalid mac address or uuid" error that I couldn't get around, so I called tech support. After one level of phone menu (press 1 for Transporter, 2 for everybody else) I got a human being (Osama in Tier 1 support) on the line after 2-3 rings. I explained my problem, and was briefly put on hold while he checked some things out. After a couple minutes he said that he had to send it up to Tier 2 support, but that all of Tier 2 was in a meeting, so they'd have to call me back. Less than 2 hours later he phoned back, telling me that I'd have to send the SBC back to get it fixed, and that Mickey G would send me an email with instructions. Two minutes later the email was there.

After seeing tech support get bashed regularly around here, I just wanted to report a very positive experience, just like the one other time I had to phone. Well done guys!

2008-06-22, 11:34
Yup, a while back my SB2 died. I called support and the guy said, "If you're comfortable with it, just grab a torx and open it up and remove the wifi card"

Sure enough, the wifi card was defective and they replaced it. Thankfully I lived near the SD office and they said to swing by and they would pop in a new one. It would have taken a bit longer to ship the box back, but having tech support offer to let you open up the product and help debug is very refreshing compared to the "no user serviceable parts inside" stickers on everything these days.