View Full Version : Duet to Denon 4308-CI

2008-06-21, 12:50
I just got my new Duet and I am loving it....what I love love to do is figure out how to use the duet controller to send commands to my Denon 4308-CI reciver to do things like turn on/off zones and adjust volume...since the denon is TCP/IP enabled. Any ideas out there? Perhaps their is a web browser that can be loaded on the duet controler to view the Denon's web interface?

2008-06-21, 23:19
Writing a web browser for the Controller for this would be like using a steam roller to crack a nut :)

There is probably a much more elegant way of doing this, although writing a plugin would probably be required.

One feature that is being worked on and slated for a future version of the Controller software is the ability to use the IR emitter on the top of the controller to control various audio componets like your Denon. I don't know what SqueezeCenter release this is slated for though.