View Full Version : No volume with SC 7.0.1

2008-06-21, 10:31
Recently upgraded from 6.5 to 7.0.1 and find I have very little volume (can barely hear the music with the volume control cranked way up) and lots of background static. I have no plug-ins although I used to use Greg Brown's Sirius plug-in under 6.5.

I've also done two re-installs with no change

I have two SB3 and they behave similarly so I'm guessing the problem is is in my server (Windows Home Server, by the way.)

I'm tempted to downgrade back to 6.5 but those incessant prompts to upgrade really are annoying. Anything I should be checking for?

2008-06-23, 17:05
Not sure how to explain this, but I removed 7.0.1 from my system, deleted the remaining slimserver files and rebooted Windows Home Server.

Then I reinstalled v6.5.4 and the volume is back and the static is gone. I would love to know what's so special about my setup ... But for now I'm staying away from v7!