View Full Version : Finding receiver PIN on Duet Controller

2008-06-21, 05:07
Sorry to ask an elementary question but I have a functioning duet controller/receiver but cannot connect to Squeezenetwork without PIN. Can't find a number identified as a receiver PIN in either Settings/advanced/playername information or in Settings/advanced/about. Should I look elsewhere? Is the PIN identified in an unfamiliar way?

A bit of background since this is my first post: I have a powerline ethernet network and had two squeezebox 2s working perfectly with squeezecenter on my pc and squeezenetwork/music locker. When I replaced these with a pair of duet receivers (so I could use the older ones elsewhere) I had and continue to have problems setting up. This is the latest one.

As far as I am concerned, the jury is still out on whether duet is an improvement or a step back. I realize that this may not be true for those who use robust wireless networking.

Thanks in advance for any help

2008-06-21, 06:27
Try Settings->Music Source->Squeeze Network

2008-06-21, 07:01
Thanks but doesn't work. message reads: "Could not connect playername to Squeezenetwork.

I think I need to register a player PIN and name on squeezenetwork before it will connect and the PIN is what I can't come up with.

2008-06-26, 09:23
latest information from german logitech support (I have the same problem :-(( ): There is a problem with the latest Firmware version, that will never show up the PIN: "We are working on that!" Hope, it won't take long..

2008-12-24, 13:12

I have the same problem. I cant finde the Player Pin to conect to the Squeze network. Im using Version 7.31