View Full Version : Duet Remote Cover

2008-06-19, 10:20
Apologies if this is a dup. thread, but a cursory search didn't find this topic... I just got my squeezebox duet for Father's Day, and I freakin' LOVE IT! Setup was a breeze. I bought a range extender for my Linksys WiFi on e-bay, because I have several sets of outdoor speakers on my system and I want to use my remote at the pool--I know: what a country!

But, at $300 for a replacement, I'm hoping to find a protective pouch/sleeve/jacket/cover thingy for the remote--similar to what is available for MP3 players, etc. Couldn't find one from slimdevices on their website, and was wondering if anyone knows A) if they're planning one, and B) if there is a 3rd party one available. Waterproof would be too good to be true (we do a lot of drinking at the pool), but even a bit of protection from splashes, drink spills, short drops would be good.

Thanks for your input!