View Full Version : Squeezebox: Sound drop out with Flac files

Mark Aronica
2004-03-09, 17:52
Just to chime in, I'm seeing the exact same behaviour as the rest of the
folks that posted on this topic. I'm running at a strong signal strength
wirelessly to my SB, but AM using WEP. I'm also using FLAC. I cannot figure
out the pattern exactly, but sometimes once every few songs, or multiple
times in a single song I'll get about a one second pause while the buffer is
empty and then it fills back up again and all is fine. I've tried two
different wireless routers, including a brand new DLINK 802.11g (not that the
G will help), with the same problem exhibits itself. I've been watching the
load on the server carfully and the SB pauses does not seem to be associated
with any CPU spikes.

The thing that seems so strange about these symptomes is that I don't see
wild changes in the buffer level before it suddenly drops. It is usually
displaying a full (or nearly full) buffer and then suddenly the music stops
and the buffer shows that it is empty. Then about a second later the music
starts and the buffer shows full again. So this doesn't seem to be general
poor wireless conectivity, but rather something that is *suddenly* occuring
either to effect the wireless signal or on the server side.

Has anyone seen this behavior on a wired network (although I'm sure most
users are using the wireless feature)? Also, anyone see this behaviour when
not using WEP?


>That's definitely what I see too. I do suspect some kind of problem with
>FLAC to the Squeezebox - when I measure throughput from the server to a
>laptop on the same WLAN (while not playing FLACs), I seem able to get
>sustained 2.5Mbps. Testing to the Squeezebox (with 'bing'), I seem to be
>able to get ~2Mbps sustained (even with my 'jammer' going) - I would have
>thought that was ample for continuing to feed the Squeezebox, even given a
>few wireless glitches.
>Don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled with the little beauty apart from this,
>and personally am quite happy with 192Kbps VBR MP3s. It's only because I
>was having a little FLAC listening test that I noticed these dropouts at

Pat Farrell
2004-03-09, 18:05
At 07:52 PM 3/9/2004, Mark Aronica wrote:
>Has anyone seen this behavior on a wired network (although I'm sure most
>users are using the wireless feature)? Also, anyone see this behaviour when
>not using WEP?

I run my Sqbx wired.
I believe that I am seeing dropouts with Flac files now that I'm using 5.1.1
that I did not hear with earlier versions.

But they are not frequent enough to define a pattern.
I know I'm getting occasional dropouts, but
they may be when the server is doing a rescan or something else.

The server is dedicated, only a slimserver.
100baseT to a switch, and then to the Sqbx.