View Full Version : Outoor Controller High-Contrast color scheme

2008-06-18, 18:51
It often seems difficult to see the controller's sceen outside in/near the sunlight. I was wondering if a black text on a white background color scheme would improve things. There seems to be a lot of light text on dark background schemes (probably because they look "better" inside). Also, if it might has anyone built one?

2008-06-19, 00:14
They really need to make a controller that can be read in sunlight and water resistant. I like to listen to music out doors near the pool. I have an IPOD remote that is high contrast and can use with wet hands.

So please guys make a controller that is usable outside, and doesn't sink in a swimming pool. And is readable. In the sunlight the thing is useless and pointless.

2008-06-21, 08:33
I agree with the other posts. The Controller screen is a step backwards when you want to use it outside. Or even inside if there is a lot of sunlight. I find that I am forced to use my SB3 rather than the Duet if I want to listen to music outside. Of course the SB3 also has a better Wifi range than the Receiver also and doesn't crash every ten minutes.