View Full Version : Mac Mini, Bootcamp or Parallels, And Inguz

2008-06-18, 08:07
Contemplating the purchase of a Mac Mini for use with my SB3. I went away from Mac when I bought the SB3 3 years ago because of the weak support for OSX. With the ability of Intel Macs to run flavors of Windows, the question now is wheather to run XP(OEM installs ending 6/30), a flavor of Vista, and if either Parallels or Bootcamp will be compatible( I've read Parallels has problems with peripherals) Oh, and does the C2Duo have enough horsepower to use the Inguz plugin for said setup?

2008-06-18, 09:20
I bought a mac mini a few months ago as my new server and gave OSX a month. I have to say that my experience with it was not good. IT was slow and the streaming was choppy. I used bootcamp and installed XP and it was like a breath of fresh air with everything moving quicker and Squeezcenter behaving much better.
The other bad thing about OSX is that the remote desktop from a XP to OSX is very sluggish via VNC compared to XP/Vista to XP using remote DT connection.

OEM installs are ending very soon but XP is what it is in my opinion and, for Squeezecentre, do you really need more?