View Full Version : AA+ Noise

2008-06-17, 19:33
My wife insists on buying from the Apple iTunes music store...

On two that she has bought (Sweet Pea Atkinson with Don Was), at the end of the tracks, there is a noise burst, perhaps 6~8 seconds in duration. Has anyone else experienced this? Her suggestion was to just edit out (audacity?) the trailing edge of the file - Is this plausible? I haven't confirmed this - but she says that this noise also occurs when playing back thru iTunes.


2008-06-18, 03:28
You've got it right: Audacity. I use it to chop up vinyl records that I've digitised into separate tracks, it's very simple.

2008-07-21, 19:45
To use audacity with apple iTunes m4a files - well you can't, with audacity for XP! The MS version of audacity doesn't work with m4a files... So I had to first configure iTunes to IMPORT using WAV format, then I was able to convert the offending file to WAV format, import this file into audacity (loosing TAGS!) for editing, then exporting as a mp3 file. All the while with the wife looking over my shoulder "can I play it now?, Is it fixed??"

Thanks to Google for the hint that I first needed to convert to WAV!