View Full Version : Fishbone problem in Firefox 3.0 on OS X

2008-06-17, 12:07
In Firefox 3.0 (released today) on a Mac, The "Home" link in the left pane of the Fishbone skin flashes strangely and fails to return "home" only to the "Random Mix" section of the Library. To other areas of the Library, "Home" link works fine. The "SqueezeCenter settings" and "Help" links next to the "Home" link work.

Waiting for a forgotten password from bugzilla to file a bug formally.

2008-06-17, 12:18
and another thing... I've been noticing that in the fishbone skin the right side of the page doesn't fully update in a timely manner at the start of a new song. The artwork always seems to change but there's sometimes a delay in displaying the correct artist and album info. perhaps this has already been addressed in the latest nightlies. I'm running SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0.1 - 19705 on osx10.4.10.

2008-06-17, 18:08
Here's the bug report:


2008-06-18, 02:43
I'm a big fan of Fishbone but I notice there have been a couple of odd things with it since SC7, at least in Firefox (2.x), notably that if you are not on Page 1 of a playlist you cannot access it either by clicking on "1" in the page list or by clicking leftarrow from "2". However once having done something that ought to have gone there, you can refresh the frame and it displays.

It is also not possible to display the first page at all while a playlist is playing if it is not on Page 1. In stop mode, you can only see Page 1 by refreshing the page. When a playlist is playing, however, refreshing the page displays the current page, and if this is other than Page 1 then Page 1 can never be displayed. This is a pain for me as I use the system for internet radio, and I start a programme with a startup ident placed at the head of a playlist that will loop. Thus I want to delete the ident from the playlist after it has played the first time. If I don't delete it while the first page is playing, I can never delete it as I can't access the first page without stopping the playout.


2008-06-27, 14:24
I don't seem to be seeing this problem anymore, and I don't think I changed anything, so I guess something else on my end.