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Kevin Hawkins
2004-03-09, 05:19
Hi Victor - I ran your application succesfuly on Windows and it took a few
hours but chuntered through my huge networked library fine - it seems to
have populated around 70% of my albums and those that it hasn't have some
obvious typos/errors so many thanks.

It would be great if this feature could be incorporated into the Server
software or as a plugin ! ?

Obviously with the new WMA support that would be nice to include too amd I
have a few comments about the current application if you would like them -
main one is that it would just be nice to replace the # with a letter
representing the current position in the alphabet on a long session so you
can tell where it's at - and maybe a # when no match was found. The other
would be providing a log of what was found and what was not to facilitate
later updates.

Having the ability to download the two 'used' cover sizes would be great too
(thumbnail and normal).

All in all a very satisfactory experience for me as I am a Perl novice. Many
thanks ..


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> If all of your files are mp3s, check out my utility to get
> the album covers for you:
> http://www.victorland.com/slimp3
> I plan to add Ogg and FLAC support soon it.
> Victor