View Full Version : Can't find Player with 2nd Computer

2008-06-15, 08:53
I am changing computers. I intalled SS on new Vista machine. It cannot find squeezbox. Squeezbox is on and in fact connected to my old computer running XP. I can ping the squeez box from the vista computer. I don't care if the old computer cannot run SS any more since I am getting rid of it.

What can I do?


2008-06-15, 09:05
What kind off squeezebox ? in the old ones you can go into setup via the ir remote and point it the new server. hold the left arrow for 5s or so.
The SB has the server ip stored somewhere, so it's setting in the player which server to choose.

2008-06-15, 10:32
You say that the SB is connected to the old computer. It cant be connected to two SqueezeCenter servers at the same time, so no wonder you cant find it on the new one.

Go into setup on the SB and connect it to the new SS server.