View Full Version : to the developers: fix mac os x intel versions already

2008-06-15, 05:49
Hi there,

with each and every version of SC that I install, I have to go into the convert config file and manually fix that mov to flac conversion (MP4) is NOT using big endian but little endian. I had to do this since version 6.x. I am now at version 7.1 and it still comes with this wrong config file.

Mac OS X on Intel processors can not use big endian. It must use little endian. With big endian, all you get is static noise. Big endian is for the old PowerPC architecture.

Actually I think you should release two different SC distributions, one for PPC based Macs, and one for Intel based Macs, to get this right.

Any comments?


2008-06-15, 06:46
Bets practise is to raise a bug on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/ that way it can be properly assigned to someone and tracked. Posts on the forum can get lost.

2008-06-15, 06:48
Will open a bug but would appreciate if we could keep discussing this here...

2008-06-15, 06:51
No problem in that :)

Formal bug reports are most definitely welcomed though, they can always be closed if it turns out not to be a bug. I don't mean in this case, just generally.

2008-06-15, 06:59
Done. Bug Nr. 8434