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2008-06-14, 21:40
When I review the Artists list under Music Library using the Controller, the Artist includes albums where the artist is listed in the Artist tag, but it also includes albums where the artist was a Composer for at least one track. In other words, Nick Lowe is included in my Artists list. Under Artist it includes his album "16 All Time Lowes", however an album by Dave Edmunds is also listed where Nick Lowe is the composer for a song.

When I view my Artists list under Music Library in SqueezeCenter 7.01, the Artist Nick Lowe only includes the album "16 All Time Lowes".

How can I get the Controller to match the Artist listing in SqueezeCenter. I do NOT want songs where an artist is only a Composer to appear under his Artists listing.

All of my tracks are ripped in flac, primarily using dBpoweramp.


2008-06-16, 16:16
I agree with your post. I am seeing this too. When I browse by artist on the Controller I find albums where that artist is simply the composer (not surprisingly, Bob Dylan is the main offender! - When I browse for the artist Bob Dylan I find tracks by Jimmy Hendrix, Bryan Ferry, U2, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart etc etc...). The SC 7.0.1 browser and SB3 interface do not do this. All my music is organised with iTunes and scanned from there into SC.

Maybe some people will say that this is what they want to see, but I agree with you, I just want to see albums where Bob Dylan is the artist, not the composer. I considered changing the tags in my music, but have decided not to for now, as I am sure things will change.

I also have another thread (sorry do not know how to link) about Search for Artists showing a different behaviour on the Controller compared to the SB3 and the SC 7.0.1 browser.

It seems that there are some inconsistencies between what is shown on the Controller and the SB3/SC browser. I am sure that people could argue for a long time as to which is 'right' or 'better' but it would be good if they could at least be consistent - or even better with a few simple options that might meet most peoples requirements.

I am aware that there is a lot of debate about how to treat various different tagging schemes, compilations, classical music etc and it seems that nothing will ever please everyone.

For example, I am also frustrated that on SC browser I can browse albums (with artwork) sorted by artist, but cannot do this on the Controller - but am aware that this is a feature that is being worked on.

I only wish I had the expertise to help and very much appreciate the work of the developers to date - this system really has improved over the last couple of years and features I wished for have arrived over time.


2008-06-17, 15:17
I have found that the only solution is to go into itunes and remove the all composer names from every track. This worked for me and took 10-15 min. for 1600 files. My biggest complaint with the Duet Controller is the menu structure. I can only see artists and albums. If I want to find a song I need to know which album it's on!! The old SB allowed me to look up an artist and see "all songs". There was also a line titled "songs" in the music library menu. If you know how to customize the Controller menu to show "artist>song" please let me know.

2008-06-17, 15:20
The old SB allowed me to look up an artist and see "all songs". There was also a line titled "songs" in the music library menu. If you know how to customize the Controller menu to show "artist>song" please let me know.

I know that the Custom Browse plugin can do this for you (or at least something close), but I'm afraid I can't give you the detailed steps on how to achieve it. Hopefully someone else can help with the details.

2008-08-08, 12:11
IMO you neither need a 3rd party plugin or to retag files.

In SqueezeCenter's web interface, go to Settings (lower right of window) and then select the "Music Library" tab. The very top setting should involve which tags to recognize for artist searches.

FYI, I believe I fixed this for the controller in SqueezeCenter 7.1, so it sounds like you may need to upgrade to that.