View Full Version : Yet another Duet grievance...

2008-06-14, 18:57
...it switches to Squeezenetwork, yet as soon as it does it can not be controlled from the Squeezenetwork panel? All the other SB3's (3 of them) switch over fine, the Receiver shows as offline in Squeezenetwork while happily playing music from it... strange. And frustrating. And reason why it'll stay relegated to side duty despite the expense. Unlike the SB, the Duo I will not recommend to anyone.

2008-06-14, 19:30
Did you try to switch to SN from SC7 with the controller or SqueezeCenter ?
the SBR can afiak only be switched to SN by the help of the controller.

It should work I seen my SBR on the SN website ?

Edit > works for so far that both my SB3 and SBR is seen on SN website, but it took > than 1 minute for the SBR to move to the SqueezeNetwork tab under players in SC7.

Did you enabled Squeezenetwork integration and set your credentials in SC7 ?

2008-06-14, 23:11
Yes, the SB3 work under Squeezenetwork no problem. I can control them via remote or from the Squeezenetwork panel. The SBR or SBC... different story. They don't even show the favorites preference from the SB3 and from Squeezenetwork. Inconsistent. Odd. In any case, if nothing else, the lack of integration of SB3 and SBR is surprising. I truly am about to totally decommission the Duet entirely and give up on it. I do not discount others' experiences, and all the power to them, for me it has been a huge disappointment. I thought I would love it, and yet I am utterly underwhelmed by the wireless issues and now by the inability to enjoy a consistent Squeezenetwork experience throughout the house - courtesy of the SBR-SBC combo. I'll take $200 for my Duet from anyone in the San Jose area.

2008-06-15, 00:29
I'll take $200 for my Duet from anyone in the San Jose area.And I'll let mine go at a good price to anyone in Australia looking to pick one up. It's been in a cupboard for the majority of the time I've had it and frankly I have no use for it in its current form. I'm not sure what is worse, the Controller, the Receiver or the combo. Integrating MusicIP with SqueezeCenter is trivial compared with getting the Duet to work and frankly, I'm tired of ----ing around with it.