View Full Version : Sirius and Rhapsody - anyone using them successfully with Duet?

2008-06-14, 14:21
I'm very interested in outfitting my house with a bunch of SBs and Duet controllers. I briefly considered Sonos, but Duet seems better to me overall.

Maiin question is how it works with Sirius and Rhapsody? I've downloaded the AqueezeCenter, and various soft clients, and while music works great, you can do Rhapsody at all, and Sirius is extremely unreliable. (Note - using the Sirius player is 100% reliable for me on the same machines.)

So - anyone out there using Sirius and/or Rhapsody, and can comment on how reliable they are through the Duet/SB system?


2008-06-14, 14:47
The Rhapsody integration is truly phenomenal! I use it every day, and I couldn't be happier.

2008-06-14, 15:03
I use the XM plugin and it's rock solid. I used the free 30 day Sirius and Rhapsody and it was the same, just like I was playing them from my local machine. I don't see you having any problems. You'll love the SB.