View Full Version : Squeezebox music able to play thru computer?

Rob Funk
2004-03-08, 14:50
Oliver Cookson wrote:
> This request seems to keep on popping up. Now all the major syncing
> issues have been resolved and 5.1 released is there any official word on
> adding this functionally for windows users? Slimp3slave is flakey at
> best on windows.
> It would be a very useful bit of functionality and seems to be requested
> quite a lot.

slimp3slave isn't an official Slim Devices release. It's the work of some
users/customers looking at the Slimp3 specs. Any Windows programmers,
such as yourself, are welcome to port it or write an equivalent. (I've
actually started looking at linking libmad/madplay code directly into
slimp3slave, but it's more work than I'm up for at this point.)

The basic problem is that this sort of thing is harder on Windows than on
Unix. Unix people are Unix people for a reason -- they have no desire to
fuss with Windows brokenness. Windows (or the Windows/Cygwin combination)
is flakey, not slimp3slave.

Slim Devices themselves have little or no incentive to make a software
client, since they make money on the hardware. They are generous to make
it as easy as it is to write one.

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