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2008-06-14, 08:00
I am a new owner of the Duet. I am running my system completely wireless and have my music library in a single dedicated harddrive connected to the same computer that is running SqueezeCenter. I am confused on how MusicIP and Itunes integrates into the overall setup. I do have an Ipod, so am needing to use Itunes. I also want to have MusicIP for creating playlists off of seed songs.

In the SETTINGS screen tabs for SqueezeCenter:
1) The BASIC SETTINGS > MUSIC FOLDER [Info] tab says to leave the music folder location blank if importing music from Itunes or MusicIP.
2) The ITUNES > ITUNES FOLDER [Info] tab says that if you are running Itunes on the same computer as SqueezeCenter, you should leave its music folder blank.

Do I let all three programs scan my music folder (SqueezeCenter, MusicIP, and Itunes). How do apply the settings for each of these programs so that they work together? Is there a good instruction sheet that describes this? I have looked everywhere and am sure that this has to be a common setup for many users.


2008-06-14, 13:13
You can use your iPod and squeezebox without integrating the two. MusicIP however requires integration. And you can't integrate with both. So, if you want to use MusicIP, then you should use that.

MusicIP integration isn't completely straightforward, especially if you are on Linux. Though it's not impossibly difficult either.

You might want to check out this thread:

And here is a wiki that is being worked on currently:

My suggestion would be to enjoy your setup without getting too hung up on the MusicIP integration. It may seem a little intimidating at first because of the sheer volume of information. When you boil it down though, it's not too hard to get the basics up and running.

Have fun!

2008-06-14, 20:10
So are you saying that I have to pick one or the other? I can only integrate either Itunes or integrate MusicIP with SqueezeCenter? I don't really see any reson to use Itunes except for programming my Ipod. Sp a, O understanding that I should just integrate only MusicIP with SqueezeCenter, and then I can use Itunes as a separate program to use strictly with my Ipod and not check any boxes to associate it with the SqueezeCenter, correct?

If this is the case, do I have MusicIP scan my music folder or so I have SqueezeCenter? I am still at a loss for how these work together. Please explain.