View Full Version : Merging Music on Multiple Machines

2008-06-14, 06:14
I've got a mac and a pc, both with itunes on them. One has slim server running on it, and it works great. Probem is, of course, that the content is not the same. Is there any unitily (from logitec or otherwise) that can merge the content on the two machines? The ideal solution would be to have a full set on both.

Thanks in advance for any help!

2008-06-14, 08:41
I'm no iTunes expert, but there are commercial applications that will sync iTunes libraries.

Google around, there are a number of options. Here's one of them.

2008-06-14, 22:39
I suggest installing MediaMonkey - a terrific program for managing a music library. It's not quite as intuitive and simple as commercial programs, but it's so much more powerful it's worth the effort. Copy all the music into a location where it can all be found (this can be multiple folders). MM has a function called 'Files to Edit', and under that 'Duplicate Content'. You would have to go through one by one and delete the second instance of files that have duplicates.