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2008-06-13, 18:04
I have read some previous posts on how to stream stations through SB that are run by 'streamtheworld'... however, I haven't had any success in tuning in the station that I want.

www.620ckrm.com is the Radio station website that I want to stream in my SB3. In the past I've had no problems, however, they've recently switched to 'streamtheworld' and my link no longer works.

They offer two listening streams, High & Low bandwidth. I would prefer to stream the High bandwidth link - but would settle which over one I can get to work.

From previous links, i've tried to tune-in the station using the below:
where ZZZZ is replaced by CKRM. No luck.

Appreciate anyone who can provide the URL to get this to work.


2008-06-14, 02:34
LOW gives an url of

So guessing HIGH = ;)

2008-06-14, 04:04
LOW gives an url of

So guessing HIGH = ;)

Both of these links are just 30 second commercials. :(

2008-06-14, 04:19
Streamtheworld uses a flash player to negotiate the URL which changes with each playing so unless a low speed URL is provided such as the ZZZZDIALUP.pls ones, SC will not be able to play the stations.

To play streamtheworld stations will need at a minimum a plugin to negotiate the URL - a not great workaround is to use WAVEINPUT plugin and play the station on your PC

2008-06-14, 06:27
Both of these links are just 30 second commercials. :(Odd - it works OK from my desktop via WM11, commercial - then music.
But I just tried on an SB3 and it plays the commercial then stops...