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Paul Whitaker
2004-03-08, 13:51
Oh well, better tell the good lady of the house I need some more kit. Any
idea of the recommended hardware requirements for 5 separate conversions? I
would probably prefer a Linux box as I can take advantage of the cheaper AMD
hardware rather than getting another Mac.

Thanks for the help

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Paul Whitaker said:
> When you say in the slimserver 5.1 release notes
> "Added a default transcode to uncompressed (no LAME) for AAC files on
> Squeezebox"
> Does this apply to SLIMP3 as well and if so is it the case that where
> squeezebox is used in release documentation we can now assume that means
> both SLIMP3 and squeezebox?

Sorry, but no and no. The Squeezebox can accept PCM directly, but the
SliMP3 only accepts MP3 streams. Dean and Sean are pretty careful to say
what they mean, so I don't believe you can generalize Squeezebox mentions
to imply SliMP3. Also, remember that the SliMP3 feature set is frozen.
Any new features to be had will be only on Squeezebox (or whatever the
Next Slim Thing is).
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