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2008-06-13, 07:36
Why does this command rescan my entire library? I have done some searching on various "scan" topics. Is there no way around a 45 minute rescan that takes up all of my cpu? I'd like to be able to rip a disc into itunes, having the software see the new music and make it available to the squeezebox moments later. I add music on a fairly regular basis. The complete rescan seems unnecessary.

Aside from the scanning issue, I have really enjoyed my squeezebox issue free for over two years.

imac g5 OSX 10.4.11 2GB RAM > itunes > squeezebox

2008-06-13, 08:43
You know you can browse music folders, right? When you browse the new album you can play it immediately.

Do you have a large music collection and/or slow CPU?
I'm just curious.
My scan takes 00:03:25 (41k tracks), my SC is running on a AMD4400+ X2 with 2GB RAM.

2008-06-13, 10:41
Can you explain what you mean by "browse music folders"?

I know there is something that I am missing. I only have 16,746 songs loaded.

I have an external lacie usb2.0 drive called "music". Each artist has a folder. Inside each artist folder are album folders. Inside each album folder are music files.


Phil Leigh
2008-06-13, 10:52
on the remote or web gui, use "Browse Music Folders" to navigate to the folder with the album you want to play...it will be added to the database if it is not already there.

2008-06-13, 11:03
ah ha! gotcha. so what is the database for?

2008-06-13, 11:04
and secondly, why does uluen's scan take a tiny fraction of the time that my scan takes. my collection isn't nearly as large!

2008-06-13, 12:24
the database is where SC puts all the info about all your tracks.

yours is slower probably b/c u are a g5 mac, and using a usb ext drive. i might have the same ext drive as you btw, mine is a 500gig "porsche" type of one.

2008-06-13, 12:44
Here is a link to my external hard drive.


The G5 handles everything else beautifully. Runs like a dream until the slimserver process begins, at which point up to 99% of my cpu is chewed up.

I am running Flash, Dreamweaver, Photohshop, InDesign CS3 with no issues whatsoever. I have no need to upgrade processors.

I'm still not clear on why I would need to scan the database when I can access everything through the music folder. All of the same information is loaded there instantly.

What am I missing? Am I being dense?

I can't believe I didn't know this until today.

2008-06-13, 12:53
ok. I guess if I decide I want to listen to brazilian music on random, I couldn't do this without having a scanned database. I understand now what I was missing. Duh.

I still have a couple of questions:

What is the difference between "Look for new and changed music" and a complete rescan?

What can I do to minimize the impact on my cpu? I'm no programmer, but the process seems overly hungry to me. I don't have anything that eats so much resource.

2008-06-13, 14:52
Big caveat here - I don't use Itunes. However, if you are happy to let Itunes manage your music, you may be able to speed up performance by only relying on Itunes integration.

If you enable "use Itunes" but don't put in an entry for Music Folder in Squeezecenter, then all Squeezecenter will use to populate its database is Itunes (so you save on rescanning time where Squeezecenter would normally try to match up it's own database with Itunes). Also, Squeezecenter will check for changes to the Itunes database periodically (depending on how you have set the Rescan Interval) and automatically update Squeezecenter if Itunes has changed.

Downside is that you can't use "Browse Music folder" to just rescan a specific folder. Also, iTunes integration appears to work less well if Itunes is installed on a different 'box' from Squeezecenter. May be worth trying.

2008-06-13, 15:20
Thanks Sid... that is how everything is currently configured. I've lived with it for this long, I guess its just the way it is.

How long would y'all say a scan should take for a collection of this size? I am baffled.

2008-06-13, 15:29
Well, I run a collection of approx 10,000 tracks on an XP box with 1gb ram and a rescan (including MIP integration) takes 18 mins. However, I run Squeezecenter on a dedicated, headless box with no other significant processes. Also, my music is stored on the same physical drive as Squeezecenter, so no external hard drives (which slow the process down quite a bit I believe).

Have you tried upping the server priority in Squeezecenter? Do you have an on-access virus scanner installed? This may also be responsible for chewing up your CPU as it will monitor every file access that SC makes on a recan. I would shut down all non-essential processes (inc virus scanners, internet connection etc) and initiate a rescan. Does that speed up the process significantly?