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2008-06-12, 23:20
Hi Guys, had the Squeezebox Duet for a couple of days and REALLY enjoying it.
One little bug thats bugging me is the following..

I have used MP3Tag to put artwork with the MP3s and by and large this works fine. But on about 10% of the artwork,the controller displays the wrong artwork (ie the artwork for a different album).

However the Web Interface shows the Correct Artwork ALL the TIME. (which implies it is not a problem with the tagged artwork, but how the handheld controller is getting its info).

Has anyone else had this problem??

I am running software version 7.01 (thought I would try this forum before I resort to Bta software) and the hardware seemed to download the latest BIOS when it was installed. The reciever is running firmware 23

Greatly appreciate any input.


2008-06-13, 06:02
I had a similar problem and concluded that the artwork cache on the controller had become corrupted. I did a factory reset of the controller (power off, then hold down the "+" key while powering on -- at least I *think* that was the sequence) and all was fine. The downside is you have to re-enter your wireless password and any other customization you have done.

I would think that there is a file on the controller with the artwork cache that you could delete after ssh'ing to the controller, but I looked and couldn't find the right file.

2008-06-13, 06:30
Has anyone else had this problem??

Yes, but I haven't had much chance to find out why.

2008-06-13, 11:47
Well done and thanks Aubuti, that was it!
All is running fine (I can continue the massive task of artwork tagging with confidence).
Thanks again.

BTW Great Product Logitech - Well Done!

Enoch Soames
2008-06-14, 12:56
I had the same problem (twice, actually) and the factory reset fixed it both times. Yes, you have go to through the reconnection routine but it only takes a minute or so.