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Matthew Fusfield
2004-03-08, 12:03
I'll keep an eye out myself, thanks for looking though. Would be nice if
I could just use Nero or something but I don't think it has the DRM

I guess this would all be solved if they'd just sell MP3s instead of
DRM-wrapped-format-of-the-week. Oh well, CD-RW isn't so bad I guess :-)


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Matthew Fusfield wrote:

> Generally either Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes. Neither has a
> save to iso function. I've found plenty of virtual readers out there
> for .iso files, but none that will emulate a writeable CD drive.

ok. i get it. you're limited in that you have to use the burning
options in the only programs that can unwrap the DRM. and these don't
write ISO. a writable CD emulator (CDR or CDRW emulator) would fix
this, but these don't seem to be available.

sorry for the dead end lead. looks like you are back to the CD-RW