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Nick F Ryman-Tubb at MindsI
2004-03-08, 10:15
Hello Kai

Thank you - I might give this I go. I had never noticed that my AP even had
an option to change! It does look like some sort of interference - although
the signal strength is 60%. It would be useful if the Squeezebox could keep
a count of the number of network errors/retries/lost packets etc - which
could be viewed in "information" to help determine the cause?

Again thanks,


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Hi Nick,

I had the same problem with my Squeezebox. I changed the wlan channel on
my access point and the problems went away. I seems that my flat is very
"noisy" in terms of wireless communication.
Maybe give it a try.


Dr. Kai Godehusen
2004-03-09, 11:56
Hi Nick,

during these slowdowns my Squeezebox also showed 60-70% signal strength.
So this value is not too reliable to determine the quality of a wlan