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2004-03-08, 08:00
One possible cause is radio interference.

I get pretty much the same problems whenever somebody uses the microwave in
our house, or in the neighbours' house. (I live in a townhouse, the
squeezebox is only about 10 feet and one wall from the neighbour's

Soon as the microwave stops --- or if I move the Squeezebox so it's closer
to the base station than it is to the microwave --- I no longer have this
sluggish behaviour.

A variety of other devices also use the 2.4Ghz band, and you might have
luck by changing the channel of your wireless access point. Microwave
ovens jam pretty much the whole 2.4Ghz band (which is probably why that
band is unlicensed). You can also try re-orienting the antenna.

Have you tried swapping the two devices? That would be an easy way to test
this hypothesis.

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I am a new user of the Squeezebox. I have two devices, both of which are
running wireless. One operates fine with no problems. The other seems to
occasionally "slow" when I try to scroll through the menus etc. The
seems to get stuck while scrolling and freeze and then continue to scroll
again. Both units have the same signal strength. The server is running on
Windows XP. Sometimes I get "lost connection with the Slim Server"
message - although the other unit does not report this. Both of them are
quite close physically for testing. I have tried turning all off
the AP and PC), but no difference. Is there someway of resetting the unit
that seems not to be responding? Or is there some sort of cache associated
with it on the PC that has become "stuck"?

I think the devices are great and hope to join in the open development -
at the moment one unit seems unreliable? Any ideas?

- Paul
paul_colley (AT) mapinfo (DOT) com +1 416 609 7706