View Full Version : Playlist (m3u) to opml

2008-06-10, 14:37
I have a few playlists that I'd like to import into the new favorites or my radio menus. But you can only import opml. I don't see how to generate opml from my playlists.

Does anyone have a converter script? Or am I missing some trick?

2008-06-10, 14:42
The favorites import button should support m3u as well - have you tried this?

2008-06-10, 14:51
Try adding in the file name directly rather than using the browse window - can you use this to import m3u files. If so there is a bug in that the browser only shows .opml files (don't have access to try right now)

2008-06-10, 16:31
I got snookered the browser - I can confirm that import works if you type in the whole path name.

Presumably, you'll fix the browser.