View Full Version : How to update firmware offline? (current FW is 23)

Derwe Coreme
2008-06-10, 06:04
Dear all,

My SB Duet Controller still has "Firmware 23".
How can I update this FW offline?

Any ideas - TIA!

2008-06-10, 06:51
Are you sure it's the Controller which has fw23? 23 is the current release fw for the Receiver. Both will automatically update themselves as needed so you shouldn't ever need to do it manually.

Derwe Coreme
2008-06-10, 07:36
Thanks for your answer, radish.
Yes, you're right, it's the receiver. Mea culpa.

Under "Settings/Advanced/147 Information" it says:

Name: 147
Model: receiver
Firmware: 23
IP: ...
MAC: ...
Wireless signal strength: ...

Why did I ask that question:
I have no player PIN. In order to obtain a player PIN without resetting the receiver the technical support told me to get the latest firmware. (Can anyone confirm this?) I really don't want to reset the receiver.
Can anyone tell me how to obtain a player PIN?
(No, I don't see it when trying to connect to SqueezeNetwork.)


2008-06-10, 09:45
On the SB3 you go to the SqueezeNetwork and then settings. Not sure about the Duet.