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Howard Passman
2008-06-10, 02:17
This is just a little vent. I already know I'm the only one with an issue, but maybe, just maybe, there is another soul out there whom I can comfort with my tale of sadness :-)

I say the DUET is like playing Whack-A-Mole because just when I think the thing has settled in to a nice little rhythm, POP! another problem sticks it's head out of the proverbial mole hole.

Last time I used my DUET it worked fine (Sunday). Last night about 15 minutes before lights out, I turned on the receiver I have upstairs, threw on my headphones and was looking forward to about 15 minutes of Internet radio. What I got was 15 more minutes of messing around trying to get it to connect to SqueezeNetwork. Maybe it was down. Maybe the world had ended and I just hadn't found out yet. I checked the news tickler on my controller and if the world had indeed ended, I wasn't the last to know. I also noted, when I finally gave up and switched to my server for 1 minute of music before bed, that the album art was a little mixed up.

So what gremlins snuck in and messed with my server during the day yesterday? Does anyone know if the hardware store has a powder I can buy to sprinkle around it so these little vermin can't get in? Of course I want something that won't harm the environment.

So there you have it. As near as I can tell after a few months of use, the only thing you can count on when you turn on your DUET receiver is.... well... I guess counting on not counting on it is still counting on something :-) One thing is for certain, since I can't count on connecting to SN and I can't count on Rhapsody being there a high percentage of the time and I can't count on this weeks favorite Internet Radio station being there ever again (Texas T Blues...Damn) then I over spent on this little carnival game now renamed Whack-A-DUET. I could have streamed my music files all over the house in a much more effective manner with a much lower failure/frustration rate. And best of all, I could go to sleep in a relaxed frame of mind instead of all ticked off.


Seriously, no replies necessary. WHACK!

2008-06-10, 06:13
What time couldn't you connect to SN? Did you see this post (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=48702)?

Howard Passman
2008-06-10, 06:52
It was at 8:15 EST. Shouldn't have been an issue.