View Full Version : stream DVD audio

2008-06-09, 18:37
Is it possible to stream audio from DVD (playing on my laptop) to Squeezebox using Slimserver or other software?


2008-06-09, 19:44
Yes, but it won't be in anything other than stereo and it won't be in sync with the picture. So not much use really :)

Eric Seaberg
2008-06-10, 11:22
There is a way to rip 5.1 audio and stream IF your SB3/Transporter is connected to an AC3/DTS decoder. I've done this with almost 50 AC3/DTS/DVD-Audio discs. It is SO much more convenient to listen this way as opposed to popping a disc into my DVD player.

If you're interesting in doing it this way, do a search in the RIPPING/ENCODING, etc. section.