View Full Version : Wireless failure after 7.0.1 upgrade

2008-06-09, 12:42
Hi all, I've been running a wireless squeezebox version3 for a couple of years and it's always been fine. I've kept it current with each release of the software (once I've spotted it's been released!!!)

A week ago I downloaded 7.0.1, installed the server, ran the firmware upgrade and immediately problems started. I couldn't get a stable wireless connection at all. When I run it over the wireless I can go through the usual process to connect to the network. The DHCP server gives the box and IP address, it finds the squeezeserver, and I can even begin to play a track. After a few seconds or minutes the track restarts, or freezes. Intermittently the box reports that it can't find a squeezeserver.

This weekend I've run it wired using the ethernet connector, which works fine.

To prove that it's not the server I've run the pc both wired on ethernet and wireless. The result is the same. So I'm convinced it's the box's wireless capability now.

To recap, I believe the latest version of the firmare (that downloads with 7.0.1) isn't working. (BTW I've done the firmware upload via ethernet to ensure it ran to completion)

Anyone experience the same? If not, do you know how can I revert the box to an earlier firmware version? It might be as simple as reinstalling an earlier server, but I don't want to risk it without some confirmation,

thanks for the help. I hope I can get this sorted. I've been thinking about getting a couple more for around the house but until I can sort this, that idea's been put on the back burner.