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Tom Wynne
2004-03-08, 04:10
A bit more information:

Digging around a bit this morning I noticed that the installation of 5.1.1
did not properly detect the previous (4.x?) installation at \Program
Files\Slimp3 and had installed another copy at \Program Files\SlimServer.
To clean this up I did a complete uninstall, then had to manually delete the
\Slimp3 copy. I made sure there were no services left behind and everything
deleted properly.

I then reinstalled SlimServer from the 2004-02-28 nightly build. I set my
music folder as D:\My Documents\My Music and playlists as D:\My Documents\My
Playlists. When I now launch SlimServer, in server settings it shows my
music folder as blank (ie. not set) and my saved playlists folder in
C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\playlists. I also notice all of the
above paths seems to be showing forward slashes rather than backslashes -
not sure if this makes a difference.

And once again, the server when accessed from another machine via the
browser is *very* slow. This was even when running the default skin.

I changed to the fishbone skin (my usual) and got the following error:

Line 115, Character 1
'top.document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object

If I allow it to continue it seems to get past this. Still no improvement
in speed.

So there's a catalog of problems already listed above in v5.x... should I go
back to 4.x???



Tom Wynne
2004-03-08, 05:07
Tom Wynne <tomwynne@...> writes:

> A bit more
> information:

Well partially solved this - it seems the Slim site and my web browser aren't
compatible. I use MyIE2 and had loaded the web interface from there. If run
in a separate browser session it's MUCH quicker!

The other issues below still apply.