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2008-06-08, 16:28
I recently picked up a Squeezebox Duet wireless network music player.

The product comes as a package that includes the controller and receiver.

The controller is a nice unit and displays all of your music and artwork on a decent little screen.

The receiver is small and neat and can be easily hidden. Connectivity includes RCA outputs, coaxial digital, optical toslink, ethernet, and WiFi.

To use the system you run the SqueezeCentre software on a computer (or NAS), and you tell this software where all of your music is stored. It serves it up to the receiver, and music is accessed by the controller.

Most of my music is my CD collection ripped losslessly. I also have some lower quality downloads, and can access hundreds of internet radio stations.

The receiver is fed from its optical output into my speakers. The speakers are AVI ADM9 which are active and include their own DAC, so it is neat, simple, and sounds excellent.

Overall I think the Duet is alright considering the price. Sometimes it "hangs" a bit if it goes to sleep and needs to refresh its network connection. I've also used a Sonos system at home, which is better, but more expensive.

I have made a video to explain the set up and to show the controller in use.

Squeezebox Duet into AVI ADM9:


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2008-10-03, 02:04
Your video and audio are very cool, I like this.

bsplayer (http://www.softsea.com/review/BSPlayer.html)

2009-02-18, 16:19
Thanks for sharing that!

2009-04-10, 18:42
I have this setup. The ADM's are outstanding active speakers. The clarity and precision of sound they produce is breathtaking. Coupled with the ease and functionality of the squeezebox duet this is unbeatable system at the price in my opinion. My music collection has come to life through this amazing combination and I would recommend to anybody.

2009-04-27, 11:50
Wow, I think for the absolutely minimalist setup, this would be it. I'm impressed by the design.

2009-04-27, 15:24
If you plug the optical cable into one speaker, how is the other speaker connected to the first one? Thanks.