View Full Version : Sqeezecenter/Transporter does not pick up new files

2008-06-08, 00:31
I am using iTunes for ripping music and Squeezecenter 7.1 with the Transporter, setting Squeezecenter to use iTunes. I copied an album via iTunes, it appears in the iTunes folder and plays in iTunes but is not showing up in Squeecenter. I ripped it again with a slightly changed name - same result.
I then downloaded the latest nightly, installed it, cleared the library and had a full rescan done - the two albums still do not show up. There are no strange characters in the file names etc.
Other album copies are picked up fine.
Any suggestions?

2008-06-08, 04:53
You didn't accidentally rip them with DRM applied did you, if so they won't show up as SqueezeCenter can't read them.

2008-06-08, 06:58
Thanks for the reply. I did not use DRM AFAIK - used the same iTunes settings that I usually use.
I copied the folder into another directory, told SS that that was my music folder (still using iTunes) and SS then picked up the files and plays them - this suggests that the files are ok
The other two rips that are located in my usual music folder still do not show up in my SS listings.
I find this very strange....