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2008-06-07, 16:29
Just got a second receiver. It's all setup, thinks it is playing...

I have the two receivers stacked on top of each other and set to synchronize...can pull RCA cords back and forth. The old one outputs sound, the new one does not. Just tested digital out and it doesn't work either. Tested multiple RCA cords as well.

The LD is on the bright white just like the box it's sitting on top of...so sound SHOULD be coming out.

Any way for to verify/test this this weekend? Going to phone support Monday obviously but curious on everyone's thoughts.

No sound comes out when it's on non-synchronized mode and just that player is playing either.

Am I just missing something stupid that I did when I setup the other player and I'm forgetting?

Edit: Just noticed the old player is on firmware 23 and the new one is at 22...would that impact things?


2008-06-07, 23:49
Sorry if that sounds silly : isn't your receiver volume set at zero ?
Have a look at http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SBRFrontButtonAndLED, otherwise. There are hints on how to check sound of a SBR.

2008-06-08, 05:00
It would be worth doing a full factory reset on the box that isn't working so that it resets everything internally and then set it up again. It is unusual that it should be at a different firmware version as updates should take place automatically to bring them to the same level.

From memory hold the reset button on the front down for in excess of 6 seconds until it is blinking rapidly red then release.


Then re set it up and see if that has cured the problem.

When it connects to the squeezecenter it should blink rapid white for a while whilst it upgrades its firmware to the current version (23 if that's what the other one has).

2008-06-08, 11:58
Volume verified @ a normal level on the receiver.
Firmware is updated via factory reset (was blinking white fast, etc) so now matches the other one (23) on SqueezeNetwork settings page.

It's now connected like it was before, bright white, no sound from either the optical or the RCA ports, don't have a digital cable to test the third port.

The one it's sitting on top of is setup identically and works.

EDIT: Just firmware reset the non-working one twice in a row (which i did earlier to get the new firmware going)...volume works now, much to my puzzlement. This is one thing I'm discovering with the Duet is that sometimes "magic" is needed to make it work..............

2008-06-08, 12:45
If you press and hold the button while plugging in the Receiver, you'll see the button sequence through a series of colors and a set of ascending test tones will be played through the audio outputs.
Tried this?