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2008-06-07, 06:37
Not sure if this a known issue or not. I searched and I only found pre-7.0 threads.

When I create a playlist with accented characters in SqueezeCenter, I frequently find out afterwards that it changed the accented character with another one. For example, the last time it happened, it changed "quatuors ā cordes" to "quatuors à cordes".

SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0.1 - 19705 @ Wed May 14 19:43:37 PDT 2008 - Windows Vista - EN - cp1252
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

2008-10-13, 16:37
I have a similar problem:
I have playlists created elsewhere that have international characters in them eg:

/c/media/Music/H360 Backups/MUSIC/Albums/Albums - GHI/Gotan Project/Lunático/03 -- Diferente.ogg

Yesterday, while listening to a playlist containing the above entry, my squeezebox just sat there, silent while trying to play this entry. I was still able to access the menus, and could skip to the next track, but it couldn't read that entry.
To test, I played an album with international characters in it's folder name, and it played fine.
So I saved the playlist to find out what format it used.
However, after opening the saved playlist, it seems the creation halted on the first entry:

#EXTINF:-1,La Cumparsita
/c/media/Music/H360 Backups/MUSIC/Albums/Albums - GHI/Gotan Project/Inspiraci�� Espiraci�� A Gotan Project DJ Set/01 -- Ceriota -- La Cumparsita.ogg

Is there any way to get Slimserver to recognise these characters?
Slimserver v7.2 running on a ReadyNAS Duo with 1GB RAM. It is already set to UTF8, as per the screenshot below.
Thanks for your help.

2008-10-13, 16:48
You're likely experiencing this bug: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4578

2008-10-13, 17:24
It's not quite the same, as slimserver scans the playlists without problens, and they play fine until they reach an entry that contains an international character, then they halt until I skip the track.

2008-10-17, 00:08

me too - i am experiencing this: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=53828

1. scan (full): playlists fully present including special char tracks.

2. scan (nightly re-scan): playlists drop special char tracks.

when try to play special char tracks immediately after step 1., squeezebox goes silent and refuses to play the track (no message).

browsing for, searching for, displaying and playing special char tracks works fine, though.

at least, after step 2., the playlists will not stop playing when they reach a special char track, because there are none anymore. ;-)

jademonkee: to me, it sounds like your problem is at least related to this localization issue. you might want to vote for it - i already did.

Nostromo: you're running windows, you may indeed be experiencing a different problem...

2008-10-17, 04:39
I don't know if my problem is related to this bug, but I'm experiencing a similar problem with the SugarCube plugin. SugarCube uses MusicIP to select the next track based on the currently playing song. My Music Library consist of a large percentage of World music that has been tagged using the native language of each album, so whenever there is a foreign language character in the path to the tracks, SugarCube stops. What's strange is that when I build a mix using MusicIP, where there are foreign characters in the path, the playlist plays without a problem.

2008-10-22, 04:30
Another problem with accented characters in playlists:
This morning I performed a full rescan of my library, and this evening I noticed that any songs that have international characters in their pathname and that appear in a playlist of mine (the modified "favorites" playlist from my rockboxed mp3 player) now have duplicate album entries under my browse artists -> albums menu.
For instance,
Björk's song Bachelorette appears in the above mentioned playlist.
If I go to Browse Artists: Björk, the album Homogenic appears twice; once in full, and once with only the song Bachelorette listed.
Is this related to the bug?
I don't think it had happened before the re-scan.
I will perform another re-scan tonight, and report back with it's status tomorrow.
I may just end up having to remove the playlists altogether.