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2008-06-07, 05:19
I have been using Slimserver successfully for a number of years and recently upgraded to Sqeezecenter. I am now experiencing buffering problems, basically music plays but fades then starts again etc. I have not changed any connections and my Slimserver is connected by Cat 5 cable. I recorded my music recorded as .wma (lossless) but now shows up as wm(TM)audio donít know what the difference is and I have searched the net for the answer. Can anybody help with this?

I have downloaded Switch Sound file converter and have converted some files
to .wma at 128kpps,44kHz,stereoCBR, 160kpps,44kHz,stereoCBR, 192kpps,44kHz,stereoCBR, 256kpps,44kHz,stereoCBR and 320kpps,44kHz,stereoCBR and these have played. I have also converted two albums to OGG Vorbis at level 6 and 8 and both play without a problem. So it looks like I need to convert all my files.? However this leaves me with the problem of converting each album individually and I have over 900 albums stored. Does anyone know of any software that will covert batches of albums? Also what would be the best audio file to covert to .wma at 320kpps,44kHz,stereoCBR or OGG Vorbis at level 8?

2008-06-07, 05:31
I think it would be best to find the source of your problem rather than to convert all your files.

However if you do go down the route of converting then the best format to convert to would be FLAC. FLAC is a lossless format, so you'll keep the full quality of your lossless WMA files.

The best batch converter that I have used is dbPowerAmp.


2008-06-08, 02:44
Thanks for replying, I have tried to find the source of my problem and have been working on this for about 8 weeks, including getting support from Slimserver tech guys, but we cannot establish the cause of the problem. I have dowloaded thedbPowerAmp and will give it a try