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2008-06-06, 16:10
I fear I may be digging up a can of worms given all the other discussions about the treatment of ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST and COMPILATION tags, but I haven't found any other threads about this particular issue....so I thought I would take the risk of raising it now.

As background, I am running 7.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.5.3. I have 'Group compilation albums together' and 'List albums by band' set.

As far as I understand, when browsing by ARTIST only those artists that have a (non-compilation) album in their own name are listed, ie an ARTIST that appears only on, say, one track on a compilation album (ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists) does not show in the browsing list. Compilation Albums are listed together under 'Various Artists'.

This much I am happy with as it massively reduces the size of the 'Browse by Artist' list and restricts it to the 'main' artists in my collection.

However, when I Search for Artists on the Controller it seems to restrict the search only to this reduced list. I would much prefer 'Search' to search for ALL Artists, ie even those not included in the 'Browse' list.

As an example, the other night I was asked 'Do you have any Ian Dury in your collection'. I duly searched for the Artist Ian Dury and the Controller told me I had 'no search results'. However, on further investigation, I do have a couple of tracks by Ian Dury on a couple of compilation albums. Both these tracks have ARTIST=Ian Dury and ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists and COMPILATION=Yes and are listed fine when I managed to find the album and browse through its tracks.

Could 'Search' be broadened to search ALL artists, or should I be doing something differently to achieve this?

Many thanks


2008-06-14, 01:18
Is anyone else having this problem?

It is perhaps worth noting that Search for Artists on SC7 itself and on an SB3 (both with and without using Lazy Search) finds Ian Dury in the example below just fine. It is only Search on the Duet Controller that seems to be much more limited and fails to find him.

This suggests that there is some inconsistency between the SB3 and Controller in this respect. I would much prefer search on the Controller to work like search on the SB3.

Many thanks


2008-06-14, 09:38
Confirmed and reported:


2008-06-14, 12:29

Many thanks. I am glad it not just me!