View Full Version : Squeezebox slow menus/not responding

Nick F Ryman-Tubb at MindsI
2004-03-07, 14:52

I am a new user of the Squeezebox. I have two devices, both of which are
running wireless. One operates fine with no problems. The other seems to be
occasionally "slow" when I try to scroll through the menus etc. The display
seems to get stuck while scrolling and freeze and then continue to scroll
again. Both units have the same signal strength. The server is running on
Windows XP. Sometimes I get "lost connection with the Slim Server"
message - although the other unit does not report this. Both of them are
quite close physically for testing. I have tried turning all off (including
the AP and PC), but no difference. Is there someway of resetting the unit
that seems not to be responding? Or is there some sort of cache associated
with it on the PC that has become "stuck"?

I think the devices are great and hope to join in the open development - but
at the moment one unit seems unreliable? Any ideas?


Dr. Kai Godehusen
2004-03-08, 02:43
Hi Nick,

I had the same problem with my Squeezebox. I changed the wlan channel on
my access point and the problems went away. I seems that my flat is very
"noisy" in terms of wireless communication.
Maybe give it a try.