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rocket j squirrel
2008-06-06, 07:48
With Michael Herger's help (thanks, Michael!) I was able to get SN to point my SB to Radio Swiss Classica's* 128kbps MP3 stream. The station has a lot of dropouts, leading to plenty of pauses while the SB rebuffers. I wonder if their aacPlus stream, at 32kbps might be suffer from fewer dropouts. But the URL for their aac streams are unrecognized by SN and my SB. The URLs for the aac streams take the form of "icyx://stream-2.ssatr.ch:80/rsc-it/aacp32"

Is it possible to access streams like that with my SB?

* http://www.radiosvizzeraclassica.ch/en/webradio

2008-06-06, 08:19
SB cannot decode AAC natively so you need to transcode and hence you cannot use SN.

If you install the AACplus support using mplayer and then change the URL from icyx: to http: - it will play.

There is a small problem with AACplus - although it displays text from station with slow speed like 32kbps - the text will be about 5-8 mins after track has played.

rocket j squirrel
2008-06-06, 08:26
Thanks, bpa!