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2008-06-05, 13:05
Last week I was reading and not really paying attention and decided to put on a Sleeping at Last ablum, an album I hadn't listen to since I got my SB and new receiver. I just quickly used the remote to switch to it and about 3 sec later a sound like glass shattering mixed with nails on chalkboard about a foot and half above my right speaker to my perspective. It sounded about twice the volume of what I had been playing which was just a bit loud. I freaked and dove for the receiver volume knob and shut it down. It was quite extreme for wanting to listen to a mellow album. I thought for sure I'd ruined my speakers or receiver. I tried another album and everything was fine, the old B&W's had survived. Once I investigated what had happened was I'd forgotten that I bought that album from the Itunes store and was DRM protected. I knew I had a few in my library but thought sense the SB can't play them, no worries. Have you every heard of that before?