View Full Version : Crash on startup

2008-06-05, 07:56
Folks - need some help please

Running SC 7.01 on XP. I have AVG 8.0 and Windows Firewall. Firewall is set up according to the instructions on the FAQ. Have been having intermittent problems for some time - slow startup, AlienBBC freezing etc. Now when I start up I get the Windows message "squeezecenter encountered a problem and had to close". After this the icon won't restart SC and the Open SC option on the tray icon is greyed out. No error messages from AVG or Firewall. Have looked at Eventvwr - all I see is an entry that says SC received a stop command. Any ideas? Thanks

2008-06-09, 06:20
Also had the problem in the meantime with the "AVG finds Trojan in Scanner.exe" reported elsewhere.

Did what Anoop M says below, and all is fine now thanks for the help. Good to be able to listen to the BBC cricket commentary instead of the other lot, via Alien BBC - an expats key survival tool!

This issue has been coming up a lot today and the best solution so far that I have found is to:

1. Uninstall SqueezeCenter
2. Uninstall AVG
3. Re install SqueezeCenter
4. Re install AVG.

This has worked for a handful of customers today.