View Full Version : Password protect SqueezeCenter but not SoftSqueeze

2008-06-04, 23:37

Is it possible to set up the SqueezeCenter to password protect the web interface but not any attached software players (I'm using SoftSqueeze)?

I have a setup where I'm serving the music but I don't want others to be able to control my player remotely.

I've set up the username and password access and it seems to require it for both the SoftSqueeze player and for web access.

I'd like for people to be able to listen to the music in my library but not control my player or other players attached to the SqueezeCenter.

It looks like the way that I've got it set up it's an 'all or nothing' type of thing where people either have access to play and control all attached players or no access at all.

Am I missing something?



2008-06-05, 04:42
I have a similar request for a plugin or additional native function to protect any of the critical settings and functions that can be accessed via the Remote/Controller. Something like a one-click "GUEST MODE" for the Remote/Controller that can be set from the Web UI. I want to prevent guests (specially my know-it-all nephews) from modifying my settings. Short of a set-it-and-forget-it "GUEST MODE" I'd like to password protect things like modifying "existing" playlists/favorites and to prevent changes to "my" settings. I understand that some these menu items can be removed via player settings, but having setting page where I can select which menu items are accessible in the "GUEST MODE" and one place to enable/disable with one click would make it more convenient.