View Full Version : Can't get Softsqueeze to connect

2008-06-04, 22:59
Hi Folks!

I just turned of my ReadyNAS version of Squeezecenter and installed a copy on my local PC - why? Because the web interface is just SO slow on the readynas... :(

Anyway - when I fired up my squeezebox, I had to tell it to go to the new server, or else it was looking for the old server. Once I did that, all was good.

On my softsqueeze however, different story - I fire it up, and it says that is trying to "connecting to slim server" and just sits there. I can't seem to find an ini file to send it to localhost ( I even tried starting it up from the command line and specifying server= but that didn't work either...

Any ideas?!



2008-06-04, 23:21
Huh - I went to extra's under sqeezecenter and fired up softsqueeze 3.6, and it worked fine.. so no worries!