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2008-06-04, 15:28
Hello all,

I recently moved the location of my Playlists folder on my PC (WinXP Pro) that is hosting SlimServer 7.0.1. It is still on the local system drive, no network mounts or anything like that. I updated the Playlists path in the settings of SC7. While the playlists were found after a "Clear library and rescan everything" and still valid in my library, I now cannot access my RSS feeds.

I get the following error:
There was an error loading the remote feed for Information Browser (Unable to open the file C:\Docum......Playlists\infobrowser.opml)

Has anyone run into this again. Trying to avoid a complete reinstall of SC7.

Thanks in advance for your help. Mike

2008-06-05, 12:01
Have you restarted the server since this (powered off the PC?)

If so it will probably create a new infobrowser.opml file with just the default streams in it. You could stop the server and copy over the infobrowser.opml file from the old location and restart.

2008-06-05, 20:06
I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure how and when these files were written and overwritten by the server.

Have a good day...Mike