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2008-06-04, 13:18
Am I right in my understanding that it is not possible to sync multiple Squeezeboxes when they are playing online services like Slacker or Pandora?

2008-06-05, 03:59
Yes and no, it depends on the service.

These services use DRM protection and SB can't sync a DRM protected signal it needs to be decoded first. Many of the services limit the number of devices which are allowed to connect to the service, for example on Rhapsody this is 3 devices.

For various reasons, mainly copy protection, the decoding can only be done on the hardware...not in the server...so SB needs to open up one stream for each player in sync.


You're playing Rhapsody on SB #1. It's downloading the encrpyted data from Rhapsody to your player, decoding the stream and playing it back. Then you choose to sync SB #2. As there is no way that SB #1 can share the decoded stream with SB #2 directly, it too has to start downloading and decoding the stream from Rhapsody. When it's doing so, the streams can be synchronised. Add in SB #3 and the same happens again.

But Rhapsody only allow 3 concurrent connections so a 4th player cannot connect. Also, if you use Rhapsody directly on a PC you may find you're limited to 2 devices.

This doesn't just apply to sync, but to playback in general.

The ability to sync varies a little from service to service. Some work fine, some don't work at all, some are limited like Rhapsody is.

Obviously to sync 3 players, you'll also need 3 times the bandwidth on your internet connection.

2008-06-05, 07:23
Thanks for the info. I tried synching 2 players with Pandora this past weekend, and the streams were at least 3 secs apart - not even close to synched.

What online providers tend to provide streams that the SB's can sync successfully?

The player number limitation works for me because I only have 2 SB's right now - 1 Duet and 1 SB3.

2008-06-05, 07:31
This post covers the basic info you need


In summary, Pandora SHOULD work. Clearly it's not working for you.

I'd suggest a new thread with a topic such as "Problem syncing Pandora" or something. Hopefully you'll get some attention as this thread seems to have gone fairly unnoticed.

I can't test Pandora hear in the UK since they locked UK IP addresses out of the service, but I know it used to sync fine on my Sonos. Never used it on a Squeezebox.

2008-06-05, 07:51
Thanks - I'll check out that thread.